Thursday, August 8, 2013

This Week's Blog

I've been in a funk all week.  I'm not sure if its PMS, trying to come off my anxiety/depression medication (currently on half doses), or if I'm fighting off a virus.  As a result, I haven't felt like blogging all week.  That might make me a bad blogger, if so, I don't really care.  So let's get that sorry, I'm not sorry out of the way straight off the bat.

Today I started my morning off like any other - laying in bed for a few minutes catching up on Words With Friends games.  I got up, made my coffee, took my medicine, and got back in bed.  Still all part of my routine.  First thing to start the day - Bible study.

I first read the chapter my parents' pastor blogs about, then move on to the study-of-the-moment.  Today I read 2nd Chronicles instead of 1st and it didn't make sense.  Then I found myself skimming the chapter.  I never made it to my Beth Moore study Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit.

I called my boss, leaving a voicemail saying I didn't feel well and wouldn't be coming into work.   I've spent all morning in bed (save for making myself toast for breakfast) and even went back to sleep for a few hours.  I'm still not sure what's up with my body, but fighting it all week hasn't worked.  Hopefully giving in will.

Focusing on the good in my life, rather than the bad, is constant work for me.  I definitely didn't want to miss doing this week's thankful post - numbers 1584-1635.

1587) Jay's attitude positively affecting mine.
1591) Nail polish stickers
1601) Wii Just Dancing
1607) Relaxing in the creek post run
1612) Trying a new church - casual atmosphere
1619) Means/energy to put up corn
1627) Dinner done before power went out
1628) City Water - dishes done w/o power
1629) City Water - toilet flushes
1630) Battery powered lanterns
1631) POWER!!!
1634) Sick time to use 

What have you been thankful for this past week?


  1. Sorry you're feeling crummy! Hope this day in bed helps. Yay for still finding things to be thankful.

  2. I hope that you feel better after getting some rest! I have always been on city water, so I didn't realize that other forms would prevent you from having water in a power outage! That's something to be grateful for!

    1. yep - water from a well requires power to pump the well. that's what I grew up on, so with power off for over a week without snow we had to melt snow for flushes!!