Thursday, August 1, 2013

Coke, Allergy Shots, and My Front Porch

Seems to be I've been slacking off with my thankful list (and posts) these days.  Maybe I find myself thankful for the same mundane things.  Then again, maybe the monotony of my life should inspire thanks itself.  I have an incredible life - and monotony means its staying that way.
Maybe I should purpose to consider 1 unique thing for which I am thankful each day, as well as including the daily stuff? Those of you with thankful lists - how do you stay motivated?

Here's what I've got for the past 2 weeks (numbers 1510-1583):

1515) success with new recipes
1518) Ragnar team meeting
1522) learning an excel short cut
1526) fitting my 8 miler around volunteering at a 10K
1530) confidence to try new things
1541) beauty hunters boot camp

1544) new sitcom to watch with jay
1545) dinner on the patio
1556) good run 2 days prior to race
1561) zucchini & squash from a friend's garden
1565) pre-race first aid
1566) 8K PR!
1569) cook out with in-laws & my family
1574) toenail - > new growth
1579) contact lenses
1581) paddle boarding with the run group
For what have you been thankful these past few weeks? 


  1. EEEK!!! That toe does not look happy.

    What new sitcom?

  2. I have a toenail like that. I blame the running... As for the thankful list, I've been a slacker with it as well. I do good to write one thing each day, and doing it with the family makes it even more difficult (especially during the summer, when we haven't all been here at the same time). I find that my attitude is better when I'm taking note of what I'm grateful for, though, so it's something I want to keep doing forever!