Friday, August 9, 2013

Sharing Our Spoons - Monthly Goals

I shared yesterday about my attempt to come off my anxiety/depression medication.  My doctor advised me to give it a try earlier in the spring (but conceded I needed to wait until after the move), just to see how it went.  My issues are mild enough, she hopes daily medication isn't needed in the long term.  

One thing I have come to realize over the past year or so, is that I have not one but two "chronic illnesses" - anxiety/depression and asthma.  I put the phrase in quotes because I don't feel I earn the label.  My friend Jamee, who I've known around the blog-o-sphere for a few years now, first introduced me to idea.  She's a wife and a mom who battles chronic illness daily.  

Having recently lost her job due to her conditions, she decided to bring back regular feature on her blog.  I've never felt the urge to participate, because I didn't feel my issues were bad enough.  Isn't that like women today - we're never pretty/skinny/funny enough.  And here I was discounting my CI experiences as not "bad" enough.

One thing I've come to realize - if they are bad enough to warrant medicine, they are bad enough.  This summer, while I've not been taking my daily oral asthma medicine, I've found myself needing my inhaler for runs that I wouldn't have before.  

I want to be the kind of person who does everything I can to make my life better.  I want to be a good/godly wife, living each moment to its fullest.  Medication (while sometimes necessary) can only take me so far.  There are choices I have to make for myself.  Jamee recommends setting several goals to review each month.


1.   Physical: could be weight loss or exercise related or it could be goals like eating more veggies or cutting soda

Guilt free healthy eating - no calorie counting or food restriction.  Just good, nutritious foods in moderation. Splurges allowed.

2.   Mental/Emotional: take a day to be alone, write a letter, paint, etc

meeting up with friends (or having people over) once a week

3.   Spiritual: start a new devotional book, commit a certain amount of time a day for prayer/meditation

quiet walk/run alone with God (1 per week)

4.   Something fun: Take time to treat yourself – maybe a pedicure or Starbucks (if you don’t typically splurge for specialty coffee)

think i would scare the nail tech if i went in for a pedi with my half-a-toenail?


5.   BONUS: One thing to get you out of your comfort zone a week – try something new, sign up for a class you maybe have been putting off.

I'm very lazy when it comes to doing my hair.  I'm donating it in honor of my cousin who was diagnosed with cancer last summer, and with this length/thickness its a cumbersome process.  HOWEVER i always feel good about myself when i take the time to fix it (instead of just scrunching it with gel).  for my bonus I'm going to push myself out of my comfort zone and actually fix my hair once a week.

I wanted to think these goals through before committing, but August is already 1/4 over so I'd better get on it!!  Suggestions for different things I could try for future months?



  1. Great goals! It's so easy to belittle ourselves and put ourselves last. Even little things that show you that you value YOU will likely give you a boost! :) I like this new goal thing of yours.

  2. Awesome goals. My daughter was just asking if she would freak out the pedicurist if she went with her half toenail.

  3. I think those are some great goals and I could use a few myself. The problem for me is actually committing to do it. Good for you!

  4. Hi! I'm participating in the SOS challenge this month too! Good luck with your goals. I say go for the pedicure. I'm sure they've seen worse. :-)

  5. Awesome goals. And definitely go for the pedi:)

  6. Nah, I don't think you would scare the technician. Go get a pedi. You deserve one. I really like your goal of eating nutritiously without counting calories. And good luck with the SOS challenge. I am participating this time, first time.

  7. I think these are all great! As for the pedi, I didn't know I was losing a toenail (because it was hidden by polish). I received a pedi gift card & was going to get a french pedicure until I saw a huge black spot under my nail, so I suggested a DARK color to hide it! It eventually fell off & is now almost normal length, but I haven't gotten a pedi since. I'm weird, though, so you may not care about a half toe nail being seen by the nail tech!