Monday, August 26, 2013


We all have those moments, where one thing is said but something completely different is heard/understood.  At least I think I'm not alone here - Amy, queen of the MisSeries will hopefully back me up on this one.

Like the time Jay fussed because I was playing too many Words with Friends rounds.  I defended myself "But I'm fighting off Alzheimers one game at a time."

Months later he returned to the same complaint staying "In reality, how much do they donate for each game? A penny?"

Confused, I asked him to explain.  After all, WWF is a free game, and it certainly doesn't pay anyone to play.  "You said they donated to Alzheimer's every time you played."

Um, no.

"I said I was fighting Alzheimers.  Meaning keeping my mind active."


Today is one of those Murphy's Law Mondays where everything is seemingly going wrong.  If I couldn't laugh, I'd cry.  Hit me up in the comments with a similar story of how someone in your circle misunderstood what was said.


  1. Too funny. My mom asked my sister to boil some eggs for some potato salad. She brought water to boil and cracked a dozen eggs into the water. Egg drop soup? ;P

  2. Oh my. Our nephew was walking around growling &said he was practicing for the wedding, after all, he was going to be the Ring BEAR(er).

  3. Oh yes, I completely understand this situation!! This isn't quite the same, but I've shared the funnier ones on my blog...Today at work, a woman who lives in our community called to ask a favor. Her daughter goes to the school across the street, and they can't afford the parking pass right now. She was asking if her daughter could temporarily park at the church, but I misheard her and suggested that she call a local benevolence ministry. Yep, good times. Let's insult people who don't go to our church, right? :P