Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Goal Review

At the beginning of the year, I declared "2012 is the year of the PR" and it was.  The only distance I didn't PR at was the 10K distance...but only because I didn't run it! 

I actually decided back in April my 2013 goal would be a sub 2 hour half marathon.  The realistic-ness of that goal was solidified in October when I ran my half in 2:07.  Some work at the distance and I know a sub 2 hour is doable.

Right now I have my eye  on a couple of different halfs.  I'm already signed up for the Covenant Health Knoxville {half} Marathon.  I ran the whole course this year for a 26.2 PR.  The Saturday morning training runs make for good encouragement not to skip runs and also provide an opportunity to train the terrain of the course.

My super awesome goal is to run this race in 2:07 - my current PR.  The course is super hilly, and the PR was set on a flat course.  I'm not sure I'll be able to, but its something to work toward.

The month prior, Columbia, South Carolina is hosting a half marathon.  The only thing really appealing of this race is the friend of mine who lives nearby.  I'm always looking for an excuse to go visit her! 

Meeting my sub 2 hour goal will probably take several attempts on my part, so I really need to be looking later in the year for some good races.  Any suggestions on favorites?


Checking in for the Great Maintenance Challenge

Challenge starting weight: 137

Current weight: 135.2


  1. Ummmm....Come to GR or Detroit in October!

  2. I think I'm going to do a Color Me Rad 5K in March! I haven't wanted to run in a LONG time, but that makes me want to! I'll keep you posted...