Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Frugalista Gone Wild

Yesterday after a doctor's appointment (no worries, just a follow-up on my new medication) I hit the mall.  I've done most of my shopping on Amazon, but I still had a couple of gifts to pick up.  Plus Christmas isn't Christmas without a trip to the mall!

In addition to finishing up my gifts-to-buy list, I also picked up a few things for myself.  The bags were heavy and I felt like I had gone wild with my purchases.  Turns out, I really didn't spend that much on myself.  It felt good to try-on and buy at a regular retail store (instead of the normal thrift store shopping I do).  Turns out my favorite jeans aren't made any more. 

The more I walked around the mall, I realized just how dated a good portion of my wardrobe is.  I have too many nice things to walk around in the same old crap I always wear.  As soon as I get it washed up, the outfit I was wearing yesterday is getting donated.  I refuse to wear anything that makes me feel less than fabulous.

I started in American Eagle and purchased this top without trying it on.  I had went out with friends on Sunday and didn't have any long sleeved, casual tops I liked.  Unfortunately, I don't like it as well on as I did on the hanger.  I'm mostly certain its going back. 

I weaved my way in and out of the different shops in the mall trying on skinny jeans.  I have a pair from Express  but apparently they no longer make the X2 style any more - plus they were all around $50.  In Belk, I found a sale on unmentionables.  I purchased a couple pair along with this really comfy pair of jammy pants.
I ended back up in American Eagle (thanks to Bari's recommendation of their skinny jeans) and after much deliberation decided on this pair of jeans.  I still feel a bit awkward in them.  They seem too tight or I'm too old or fill-in-the-bank.  On the way to the register I saw this shirt in the clearance section and picked it up.  I like it much better than the first.

My big shopping spree ended up being less than $100 (including the top I'm taking back).  Not so wild for most people, but it felt really naughty (and freeing) for me!
Do you shop for yourself while shopping for presents?  Just collect ideas for your list?  Or shop for yourself all year round?


  1. I love the last shirt (and I totally can't wear American Eagle's clothes anymore. Sad for me, but so fun for you!!) I went shopping over the weekend and totally bought two shirts for myself. I need more shirts (most of mine are still too small/stained/worn out) and figured it was best that I buy them for myself, on sale.

  2. I think you look fantastic in that last outfit! I'm so glad you got the jeans - a tip: wear them several times before washing them. They'll loosen up a little and won't feels so tight.

    I definitely shop for myself. I saw on FB today that Loft has v-neck sweaters for $15 today only. I'm willing to bet I hit the store on my lunch hour. Can't pass up a $50 sweater for 15 bucks!

  3. I really like that last shirt too! You did good.
    I look for ideas for myself while shopping for others, and occasionally pick something up too. :)

  4. What's wrong with the first shirt? I think it's cute! I need more casual long sleeves, too. I have sweaters, but we really don't need them very often here! AE jeans are pretty much all I wear, but I only have one pair of their skinny jeans. They usually fit more comfy after the 2nd or 3rd wear. I shop for myself when I'm Christmas shopping, too. If there's something I need, I can't pass up great deals!!