Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Decor

The week after Thanksgiving, my in-laws came for a visit.  While they were here, they helped Jay and I decorate for Christmas.  First stop was our rental cabin.

The  tree was left over from my days as a single gal living in my small City apartment.  Most of the lights were no longer working (we added a couple strands for the cabin) and it was far too short for the 10 foot ceilings in our house.  We purchased a bit of garland, a few bows and were done with the rental.

Now...on to our home.  I had originally purchased the tree below to replace it, not realizing it would also be far too small.  Now it is perched atop its storage container (covered cleverly by a blanket of "snow") to elevate it - and make it the right height for our side neighbor to see. Last year at her Christmas party she told me how much she enjoyed it.

Last year during the after-Christmas sales, Jay and I purchased a 9' beauty.  This is its Christmas debut in the Frugal family household.  Normally we have fun ornaments we've collected along the way.  This year I just wanted to keep it simple - just red and silver balls.

Our stockings hung by the chimney with care...
And what would Christmas be without the birth of my Savior?  Typically I don't put him in the scene until Christmas eve.  Also, whenever my friend Kelly comes to visit, she moves the wise men to a different room - reminding me they weren't in the picture until Jesus was a couple of years old.
I've also got a wreath on the front door, but I forgot to get a picture of it.  Oops!  Forgive me?
What's your holiday decor style?  Do you go all out?  Do your neighbors think they live next to the Griswalds?  Or do you prefer a more simple approach?


  1. It all looks lovely! I would love to be in that cabin, when it's decorated for Christmas.
    We don't do much outside except a few little trees outside the front door. Inside it's the tree, with things scattered throughout the house. Definitely not the Griswolds!

  2. Cute! I have nothing up. Literally not a thing.

  3. We have the Griswolds 2 houses over :) Our house is minimally decorated. The mantle and tree. And right now the tree is up but has nothing on it. Zip.Zilch.Zero. I need to fix that with the kids tonight while M is out at his Christmas thing.

  4. beautiful!!! I am trimming down my decorating starting this year, believe me, I won't miss any of it ;) I will post a decor post later this month...

  5. It all looks great! Your cabin looks dreamy! I love that you put your smaller tree in the window for the neighbor to see. I don't go all out, though I love to see my friends' homes when THEY go all out! I just don't want to have to deal with putting it all away later. I usually have a 7' in the living room & garland and wreaths on the stair case. This year I put a wreath on the front door, but that's all that I have outside.

  6. Oh, I love your fireplace garland!! Everything looks so beautiful!