Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tri-Week Daily Thanks

Friday - Wellness program

I often forget how fortunate I am to have free access to the gym - classes, equipment, and locker rooms - available to me via my employer.  Logic goes the more employees workout the healthier we will be, lowering our health insurance costs.  This is definitely a benefit I use frequently!

sporting one of the many "wellness" gifts we've received through the years.

Saturday - Cades Cove run

Last week I told you about the Backyard Olympics.  This weekend I met up with the Knoxville Track Club Socialities for a run in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park followed by food and fellowship.  I ran with Kim for the first half, then took the back portion solo.  I'm one of those crazy runners who can't decide if I like the solitude of running alone or the benefit of chatter that comes with company.  I had the best of both for this run.  I ended up going long and doing over 10 miles, the longest I've ran since April!

Sunday - Kelly & Crew

My parents and I traveled to have lunch with my sister and pick up her rug-rats for the week.  As always, I very much enjoyed hanging out with her.  The Princess didn't feel well the last time I saw her, but was back to her old self yesterday.  The Little Man is cuter than ever.

Monday - Dollar Hot Dog night

I met my parents and the kids at the TN Smokies game for $1 hot dog night.  Along with my handy-dandy refillable (for only $1) mug purchases at the beginning of the season, I had a pretty reasonably priced ball park dinner.

Tuesday - Garden fresh produce

I enjoyed a delicious cantaloupe for breakfast as well as a green pepper (topping on my bagel pizza) - both courtesy of my father's garden.

Wednesday - Friends!

I'm very thankful for friends that I've had for the past decade.  Our group met at work (my first real post-college job) and made quick friends.  A decade later, 3 of the 4 of us have moved on.  We've probably traded thousands of emails over the years, and somehow we've made it work, despite having very little in common.

Thursday - One last swim

I'm doing a triathlon this weekend, and Monday's mini-tri was less than what I had hoped it to be.  "Suck-tastic" is a good word to describe my swim (my weakest of the 3 sports).  Today's swim, however was everything Monday's wasn't - relaxing, reassuring, comfortable.  Feels good to have this one under my belt 2 days before race day.

What have you been thankful for this past week?


  1. Sounds like a great week. You are so lucky to have that gym available to you. Yay for the long run and the good swim!

  2. That is so. Heap for a sporting event. Nice!
    I am thankful that I run. My boss is handicapped and can, and she loves to hear about my workouts.

  3. I'm thankful for $2 skating with $2 hot dog/drink combo! I took Cody, Elly, & a friend the other day, and it was great! They've been enjoying their last week of summer! :) I hope the race goes well!