Friday, August 3, 2012

Scavenger Fun Run

The local track club put together a scavenger run last week, meeting and ending at my favorite Knoxville restaurant.  Of course I had to participate! 

We split into teams counting off.  This was an excellent strategy to break everyone out of their comfort zones, but towards the end of the run I did feel sorry for the girl who struggled to keep up with the rest of the crew.  The heat index was 104* which made 3+ miles (even with starting and stopping) a bit more challenging.

By our 3rd stop, we decided to get a bit creative.  We pulled in a couple of random people off the street, I pretended I was in prison, and of course, there was the dog bowl.

We reached the 4th stop at the same time as another group,  rather than slow down and get caught behind them, we went ahead and joined them for a group pictures.  I'm the one with the tan, skinny calves.  *cough*

In front of the Tennessee Theater we decided to go for the dramatic.  We couldn't decide on a specific play, but we figured that you can't go wrong with death on the stage. 

This one was a tribute to my former employer.  One of my coworkers and I use to pretend to be gangsta and do "M" gang signs.  Thankfully I had a fun scavenger group who played along and didn't think I was {too} crazy.

Blount Mansion stumped us for creative ideas, but I know when we got the steps of the church we had to Tebow!  I was honestly surprised that none of the other groups did it. 

After a few crazy poses in the park, we filled up our water bottle (we were sharing because nobody else though to bring one) and continued on our hunt.

We toed the line...or maybe crossed it a bit...

...then headed across the (train) tracks...
as in "come on on ride the train" the end we were running out of ideas.  This was a lamp store.  The heat and humidity had us "glowing" so this is the best we could manage.

Then it was back to base camp for some pizza & beer refueling.  Fun times were had by all.  Or at least me.  Jay kept texting me "when are you coming home?"  Guess next time he'll want to join me!

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