Monday, August 13, 2012

Open to Suggestions - Missional Minded Monday

I hope to make Missional Minded Monday a regular feature around here.  Keeping it in the forefront of our minds, and as Mari said just little bits of love and putting others first is the best way we can show God's love.

After last week's wonderful *cough* example of how I gave up my Diet Cherry Pepsi to show Jay Jesus's love (only for him to give it back to me), I thought I would share my big fat fail for this previous week.

For my triathlon training, I've been doing one long cycle outside to log time in the seat and get use to my bike gears.  The for my 2nd bike ride of the week, I head to the gym and take a cycling class.  This helps build my strength and confidence - tackling imaginary hills isn't any where near as depressing when it gets really steep.

To reserve a bike, patrons can call as early as an hour before class.  With a limited number, the classes often fill up.  I called at 11:30 on the nose and snagged a bike for the 12:30 lunchtime class.  I arrived a few minutes early and got in a nice easy spin to warm up. As the class started, all the bikes filled up.

5 minutes into class, another cycler arrived.  The instructor asked if she had signed up for class, she had.  The instructor then asked who in the class hadn't.  No one volunteered.  Going person by person thought the list, the instructor attempted to match the sign up sheet with the faces before her. 

Give up yours.  A voice within me said.

But. I argued

Do it, give up your bike. 

That's not fair.  I was here first.

They'll be another class, another opportunity.  Do it.

Hmf.  I put my head down and kept riding. 

a pouting reinactment

As the instructor began to call names, one of the regulars got off her bike. 

 Your name is on here, you signed up.  The instructor told her.  You don't need to give up your bike.

Its okay, she can have it.  She said, and grabbed her stuff to leave the class.

Its a humbling experience seeing someone willing to do something I knew should be done, but was unwilling to do myself.  I was also humbled when I realized how small and petty of thing I was asked to do, yet I still said "no." 

Talk to me.  What missional opportunities have you encountered?  Whether you rose to the challenge or not, I think its good to discuss them so others can be aware of things we can be doing to show Christ's love.

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  1. I'm guilty too. Mine usually falls in the not willing to give up my "me time". The last episode was on Saturday. A soldier in a near by town was killed in Afghanistan. His funeral was on Saturday and that crazy Westboro group was planning to come and picket the funeral. They were asking for volunteers to make a human shield. I was planning on my grand daughter coming, plus I work so often on the weekend, I hated to give a Saturday morning up. However - my son was in Afghanistan and if anyone should be there, it would be me. I mentioned it to my hubby and when he didn't jump at it, I decided to skip it. Thousands of people showed up for it, and I've been feeling bad ever since!