Friday, August 17, 2012

Backyard Olympics

You might not know it, but I'm married to a gold medalist.  What sport, you ask? 

Beer chugging! (oh wait - that's me!)

Jumping rope (25 times immediately following above-stated beer chugging)

then running a zig-zap pattern through cones, only to tag the next relay partner on your team.
And that was only the first activity!  Some of the buddies I've been social running with lately put together the backyard beer Olympics.  We split in to teams - I was very thankful to NOT be on a team with my super competitive husband - to go for the gold(schlager).

We had a tug-of-war tournament. 
(My team lost miserably in the first round to the team with the giant, but we recouped with a solid victory in round 2 for the bronze.)

Bungee Run

Three legged race

And ended with a plank-hold endurance challenge. 
Then it was time to head inside for food and (more) beverages...

There was an award for best Olympic costume

Honorable mentions included a male gymnast (see picture below), a speedo (swimer? diver? beach volley ball chick? see pic 2 below), and Kara Goucher (see pic 3 below).  Then it was time for team awards.

Bronze {rum}

{bacardi} silver

...and finally the gold{schlager} team!

Where am I, you ask?  My team finished 4th.  Out of 4.  We did win triva later though!

Jay also took home the MVP trophy for his team.  Why, you ask, given one of his fellow teammates is a beeping tank?  Good question.  Just kidding...but seriously. 

In all honesty, I think Jay was awarded the trophy based on his effort.  Jay is a competitor - be it chugging a beer or walk/run/hiking  26.2 miles.

What fun do you have planned for this coming weekend?  Jay and I are going to be meeting back up with this same group, only this time we'll be doing a long run followed by soaking our feets in the cool creek and refueling.   


  1. This was hilarious - and awesome. :)

    I'm working on birthday prep this weekend, in between swim lessons, cleaning and getting ready for Monday. (I'm already thinking about Monday and Friday isn't even over yet. It's sad.)

  2. You guys are crazy! Glad you had fun. :)
    I am working this weekend and we have a family gathering Sunday night.
    Have a fun weekend!

  3. Looks like y'all had fun! My weekend consists of: a BBQ at Brian & Jana's in a little bit, church in the morning, and my brother & I are going to visit my baby brother tomorrow afternoon!