Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend to Assemble


Have you had a chance to go see the new Avengers movie? If not, go. Now. I'll wait. Okay so maybe I'll carry on without you. But still its good. GO! Then hit me up on Twitter to chat about it!!!

Since Jay is comic-book stupid, I headed north to see the movie with my sister, BIL, and her kiddos.

*He pays so little attention, he commented on my love of Wolverine. Not understanding that the X-men movies and the Avenger movies are totally different. My sis tried to take up for him, citing Wolverine's role in Super Hero Squad** with the other avengers, but his knowledge is limited to what he's encountered via me. And up until this weekend I'd never watched SHS.

**Did you know there is a SHS member who's super power is turning into a dinosaur? My nephew knew I would love Reptil, and he was right. Best of both worlds!!

All 5 of us wore our Marvel gear (you can see the reflection of my shirt in the car window). My BIL has an Iron Man shirt, my nephew a Captain American tee, and the 3 girls had shirts with pictures of several of the heroes.


My niece had a sleepover at school after the movie, so we headed out early to go pick her up. Apparently 5th graders don't eat a lot, because I made out with some waffles, pizza, and a leftover cookie cake which the parents didn't want to take back home with them.

We had some time to kill before my nephew's soccer game, so we hit the playground of the park. Unlike runners who taper and rest up before a big race, apparently energy is limitless for children  and its no bigs to run around like a crazy person.

Despite the 5-12 age sticker on the playground equipment, I followed him around trying to keep up. Unfortunately, there were some places that 12-in-spirit just didn't count. Dangerous is fun! he proclaimed walking on top of the monkey bars.

After all our fun on the playground, my nephew went on to score 8 goals at his game. Technically they don't keep score at kinder-soccer, but he knew. We all knew.

Aren't his cleats just the coolest? I wish they made running shoes with skullz on them. They would totally be mine. I have the swimsuit with skullz for tri-training. Now to lose 10 pounds so I don't look like a stuffed sausage.

My sister, niece, and I went fabric shopping after the game. The Princess is now a fashion designer - complete with her own Etsy shop. Creative just isn't my thing (my sister says the same) so how she got the eye for pairing fabrics amazes me. I hand picked my own material and will be blogging about her store again in the future. Perhaps a giveaway??

Back at the house, my nephew and I played army outside. He has an electric car (hand-me-down from his big sis, which he transformed from purple to camo), so I borrowed a bike to have wheels for myself. I'd heard tales from my mother of how exhausting running after the car could be.


Yesterday wasn't really blog worthy, but I feel like I must include it to be able to title this "weekend." Church and Bible study yesterday morning, then I went home and took a long afternoon nap. When Jay and I woke up, he went out to do yard work while I cleaned toilets. Exciting stuff huh?

We ended the evening with more relaxation - this time in the form of a Netflix movie and TV shows in our DVR.

What was your favorite part of the weekend? Any recommendations on must-watch shows to catch up on during the summer hiatus?


  1. We are kind of duds when it comes to movies. We usually wait for them to come out on DVD. This is one we'll watch though!
    You are such a fun aunt!
    I worked this weekend, but it was a good one!

  2. I second that! You ARE a fun aunt!!
    our weekend started out a bit dreary w/showers but Sunday was hot so we did some yard work- 2nd year in a row we've done yard work on our anniversary.... so wrong ;) I told him next year, I am picking the activity! although, he did cook breakfast AND supper so I can't complain much...

  3. I hear being an aunt is awesome -- and it's obviously true with you! I bet the Princess and your nephew just love you to pieces. =)

  4. I didn't realize that there were two sets of superheroes and villains (DC/Marvel) until a few years ago, but I don't mind watching a superhero movie. I'll have to watch Avengers. Your niece is so talented! I love the bird scarf. I have no money in the clothing budget right now, but if it hasn't sold by my next paycheck I'm totally going to buy it! :) Your weekend sounds super!! As for shows, we're watching Arrow right now. Have you watched it?