Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Thank You

If I don't say thank you...

Its not because I am rude.
Its not because I am conceited.

If I don't say thank you chances are I think you are telling me a friendly lie.

You did a great job with today's Bible study lesson.
Thanks for your help on this project, I really appreciate it.
Love your outfit!

Do you mean the praise you offer? There is no way to be sure. But if I say thank you I give the impression that I believe you. That I am a stellar teacher, excellent coworker, and fashionista with an eye for pairing.

So instead I force a smile, and look quickly away.

I've spent the past couple years working to express gratitude to my Abba for the gifts in my life. Perhaps its time to teach myself to accept a compliment graciously and show others I appreciate their feedback.

How do you respond when someone offers you a compliment?


  1. I'm just like you. I don't know why I feel that way, because if I give a compliment I mean it.

  2. Yikes...I usually brush it off or deflect. I never thought about it coming across as ungrateful, but I'm thinking it may. I need to be more conscious about this!