Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Root of My Problems

In college, I was an English major. My high school classes centered around my honors level history and literature classes.  I graduated top 10% of my graduating class, a member of Beta Club, National Honor Society and all those other smart kid things used to fluff up my college application.

Math, however, was never my strong suit. 

Okay let's skip all that. I'm struggling blogging these days because I set out to write one thing and end up going down a tangent. Like and episode of LOST, I feel like everything should be a back story. I end up spending an hour or so carefully crafting my paragraphs, until the blog doesn't resemble my thesis idea.


The point of this blog? I was going to do a "Thankful Thursday" blog about how I'm so close to 3,000 gifts I can almost taste it. My last entry was number 2804, so I planned to pick a dozen or so from the 2700-2800 range to post.

I turned a few pages back to find the start of 2700, only turning back one page took me into the 2900s. What? This trophy wife doesn't do math, but something about didn't add up. Somehow in the course of my entries, I skipped from 2956 down to 2756. 

this has nothing to do with anything but its my view on the drive home
and its gorgeous - trophy life indeed!!

So this evening, I'll be updating my 1,000 gifts journal, but not in the traditional way. I'm just thankful a 7 can easily be made into a 9.  And that I didn't get too far into the 2800s (again).

What unconventional something-or-other
 are you thankful for this week?


  1. I'm glad there are others like me - sounds like something I would do. :)
    You can add having a good sense of humor to your list of thankfuls!

  2. ah! sounds familiar! I have so many posts in drafts that I often just go through & delete the whole post thinking 'no one wants to read that' but I felt better at the time getting it all 'said'. I am all over the board on what I want to blog about: kids/childcare, food/pinterest, running/health, gardening/farmer's market/food coop, OYE!