Monday, May 12, 2014

Law Enforcement Memorial 5k - Race Report

As with the SMARM 5K, the Law Enforcement Memorial Run 5K is one I try to participate in every year. With a time so close to my personal record last week, I knew the terrain of the LEMR would allow me the opportunity to best it.

And what fun a race without a costume? Kelly made us each a convict tank with "Inmate No." on the front - just above our bib number and "Out for Good Behavior" on the back.

Kelly has been doing a lot of reading about proper warm ups and cool downs, so after pictures she and I headed out for 20 minutes of warming up pre-race. Once again we ran a bit, walked a bit, ran some more, did 3 strides. The plan was to do more, but we realized we were pushing it a bit close to race start.

Kelly's husband Bob was also racing, and he lined up at the start with me. He and I ran most of last year's Crazy 8's race together, successfully for us both. He stuck with me well the first mile. We went out a tad fast, but the hill at the end of the first mile kept us very close to the 8:10 pace we were trying to hit.

Mile 1 - 8:08

My race plan called for negative splits, and I was able to pick my pace up for the 2nd mile. Bob fell behind by a hair but I felt fast and strong.

Mile 2 - 8:01

By the 3rd mile mile, I was starting to feel it. My pace struggled at the start of the mile, including the one little bump of a hill. In this mile, Bob caught up to me and passed me. Thankfully I was able to pick it up enough to stay just behind him. I think seeing him motivated me to keep on pushing.

Mile 3 - 8:07

I tried to kick it up the last tenth of a mile, but didn't find much there. There was a dude just a few steps in front of me, and I heard my buddy Joe yell at me to pass him. Unfortunately, I just didn't have anything left. (Or maybe that means I raced smart?)

Final 0.1 {8:13}

I found it very amusing dude picked up his pace when he heard Joe, and ended up just past the finish line heaving over the guard rail. If he's gonna beat me, at least he had to work for it!

Chip time: 25:16

I ended up with a race time 34 seconds faster than my PR! I also walked away with some bling - taking home the 2nd place medal for my age group.

Overall place: 60/397
Age group: 2/26


  1. saweet report!! badda bling bay-beee! way to go!!!!!

  2. Yay for you! I love the costumes and the cute picture of you at the end of the post!

  3. Congrats on the PR! And it took me several seconds to realize that the 2nd to last pic was a pat down... I thought you had suffered a calf strain, LOL!

  4. Great job!!!! Woo hoo! :)

    {Yes, I'm very far behind...}