Friday, July 19, 2013

Vacation - Zion National Park edition

And now for our final installment of my vacation recaps.  I meant to get this one done a while ago, but you know how things go.  Had to get a couple blogs out there while they were still timely.  We can wish we were on vacation any ole Friday right?

While we finished up our trip staying another night in Vegas, Zion was the last active day of vacation.  And by active, I mean seeing new places from the comfort of the car.

The old people had enough of the walking we were doing.  Thankfully, Zion is a great park for pull offs and road side pictures.  We entered through the mile long bridge.  Long enough to make me claustrophobic, so I tried not to think about it.

Thankfully, the crew was patient enough to allow those of us who wanted to indulge in pictures to do so.  Jay snapped too many good ones to share.  Also, my sister is afraid y'all are kidnappers who will steal her children if you see just how cute they are.  With an aunt like me, how could they not be adorable?

As we exited the park, we stopped at a local picnic area to have our lunch.  The City park allowed us the perfect place to work off any excess energy before getting back in the car and making the long drive back to Vegas.

The kids (or someone blaming them) had wanted ice cream all trip, so around the half way point we stopped at a local shop advertising the old fashioned kind.  One of the flavors was called "Grannie's apple pie."  Turns out, the lady assisting us was Grannie.  She said she makes actual apple pie to crumble into the ice cream.  Same with all her pastry based flavors.

I ended up with the "dirt and worms" flavor aka cookies and cream topped with gummy worms.  The Little Man thought they were really worms, and declined when she offered to top a different flavor with worms for him.  Once he was let in on the secret, he decided he would love some ice cream and worms.

Kinda sad to be at the end of vacation blog, because I don't have another one planned yet! Jay and I won't take a whole week just the two of us since we have had this trip.  Maybe we'll take a long weekend somewhere (a race destination?) to do romantical couple stuff.

Have you already had your vacation this year?  Where did you go?  Are you going?


  1. I've loved living vicariously through you on this trip. Sad to see it come to an end, too.

  2. We had our long trip to the grandparents houses. Haven't taken a solo-just the three of us trip and I'm not sure it's in the cards for us this summer. We're planning a big vacation next year, though.

  3. I've enjoyed following along on this vacation! So much fun and such gorgeous sights.

  4. I had 70+ accumulated vacation hours at last count. No ability to take a long trip and alas my car cAn barely make it around town so no road trips/long weekends on the horizon. Maybe next year!

  5. What a wonderful trip with your family! We aren't taking a trip this year. Between the kids' camps (2 different weeks), road trip with the students, our local mission trip, my brother-in-law's visit (2 weeks), and our little British friend's upcoming visit (2 weeks), that left just 3 weeks of our summer. And we need a little down time at home! Now that I write it all out, that seems a little crazy!