Monday, July 22, 2013

have a blessed day

I've been guilty of it.  I think if we were honest, most of us have.  Too intimidated to share my faith boldly, I've tried to sneak it in.  Akin the over exaggerated "Merry Christmas" greetings around the holidays, "have a blessed day" is one way we go about it.

Blessed connotes more than just general pleasantness.  Blesses means to encounter God, and come out the better for it.  Let me jump quickly to my point, lest ye think I have a problem with the word itself.

Picture it - my office*, a few months ago.  A lady woman comes into the office to submit a formal complaint.  She often took a certain road as a short cut to church, in an attempt to bypass tourist traffic.  For the past few weeks, she'd notice the appearance of something unsightly on one of the front porches she passed.

Her visit was to demand we do something about it.  The building inspector explained our role in was focused on keeping the City safe, not pretty.  As long as the item wasn't presenting any safety hazards, there wasn't anything we could do about their choice of front porch décor.
This answer did not satisfy her, but she finally realized she was getting no where. As she was leaving, her countenance changed.  Like a flip of the light switch, she smiled and said "Have a blessed day" and turned to leave.

*I do not speak for my employer. Any opinions are mine. My employer doesn't trust me to speak for them.*

Is it any wonder so many Americans are put off by Christians.  Far from the persecution others face, often times we are hated because we are hatefulWe are called to love (Matthew 22, and a host of other places) not to whine, complain, and tattle in the name of Jesus. 

(1 John 4)

 A few weeks (months?) have passed since this incident but I was reminded of it a few days ago at the grocery store.  I found a cashier with no one in her line (a miracle, when you live in a heavily populated tourist area) and began unloading my groceries.  She didn't greet me with a "hello" or even so much as a smile.  She looked miserable. 

As I paid and finished up the transaction, she handed me my recipe.  "Have a blessed day."  I was taken aback.  If she truly meant it, then what had she done to bless me?  The exact same thing I had done for her - nothing.

The body of Christ must act, not just speak, if we want to reach people in his name.  I don't single these women out to judge them, but rather show how we all fail Him - sometimes without even realizing it.

I am just as guilty as them, if not more so.  I'm selfish, short tempered, and legalistic.  I don't seek relationships with Him or with His people nearly enough.  To not be hypocritical, I have to do more than hit "publish" on this blogpost.  I have to change.

 Lord help me!


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  2. PREACH IT! Love this post.

  3. I know what you mean. I don't do enough, either.