Friday, July 5, 2013

Seeking Gratitude in the Midst of Uncertainty

Things are a little uncertain in my world right now.  Maybe my Jabez style provision was God laying the ground work for this, letting me know "Chill - I got this."  Even still I have to pause to remember to breathe on occasion.
Life without gratitude is life without breath.  Returning thanks to God, acknowledging His ultimate authority, is both necessary and frightening for a control freak like me.   
In the past month, I've recorded numbers 1221-1431 in my journal.  Here is a sampling.
1226) Noticing my flat tire - saving getting stuck at destination
1235) Wii Just Dance party on my birthday
1242) Vacation planning
1252) Looking thru old family photos
1263) Getting out of bed to start a new day
1279) Monthiversary!
1282) Movie night
1294) Sleeping in on a Saturday morning
1300) Father's day @ church w/Daddy
1310) Airplane seat buddy (The Princess)
1322) Walking the Vegas strip @ night
1331) Hoover Damn
1332) Dam water fountain
1333) Dam pictures
1335) Dam bridge
1336) Dam panorama
1342) National Park passport stamps
1350) more stamps
1360) Skywire dude
1365) Playground fun
1370) Mama & Daddy - together 40 years
1376) A week without allergy pills
1384) Planning a hike
1390) Church TV
1392) Sermon = Pit - > Prison - > Palace
1393) Sermon = Hannah keeping it real
1400) Every {sad} thought captive
1409) Money to pay for Sam's club shopping trip
1414) Jay putting away groceries
1419) Ragnar relay planning
1422) 4 mile run in my 'hood
1430) Whoopie pies (made by my MIL)
1431) Assurance - > God is in control
For what have you been thankful this past month?


  1. Sorry you are having uncertain times, but what a blessing to be able to be thankful in the middle of it.
    Congratulations to your parents. You look so much like your mom!
    Love that old family photo! I watched the skywire guy too, although I had to leave the room a few times because he was scaring me.
    The last one is such a comfort.

  2. Gratitude really is so important, especially in uncertain times. It is in those times that I can either mope around feeling sorry for myself, or put my focus on God and all that He is and has given me. The latter is the MUCH better option! I'm glad you're able to see all the good.