Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Vacation Recap - Bryce Canyon edition

By this point of our vacation the travelers were growing tired of riding in the car.  As much as my Mother liked to blame it on the kids, but the Princess and Little Man were excellent travelers.  The 9 year old kept busy writing in her field journal or playing Temple Run on the iPad.   The 5 year old...well to be honest, the Princess never wanted to share me with the LM, but the few times I did ride in his car he was easily entertained.

At the hotel in Utah, we spent a lot of time by the pool.  Both nights we got take out and ate at the tables in the pool area.  The water was warmer than it had been in Vegas, but still not warm enough to warrant me staying in it for more than 15 minutes or so.  Unfortunately this "hot" tub, wasn't even warm.

Earlier in the day, we have visited Bryce Canyon.  The kids were excited to go on their 2nd ever hike, which was steep, although short.  I preferred Bryce to the Grand Canyon because of the ease of getting close to the sites, as well as the sporadic trees to help with color variation.

My parents took the kids back up for their junior ranger class, while Jay, my sister, BIL, and I continued on around for a longer hike.

Once again, we could have hiked longer/further, but with the whole crew along we kept it short.  We got our passports stamped, had a picnic lunch then headed back to the hotel.

Earlier in the week, my sister had mentioned a dude walking across the Grand Canyon on a tight rope.  The ranger's wife we met up with (who my mother use to know from work), said the National Park wouldn't issue permits for stunts like this, but the Navajo nation allowed it.  Leaving the Grand Canyon, my sister saw a trailer in the middle of nowhere and speculated it belonged to the Skywire dude.

Then we passed this set up.  Instead of proving her to be mistaken, my sister was right on.  The lady working the information booth informed my sister and mother this was the viewing area - complete with big screen TV and bleachers.  The other site was where the walk itself would occur.

By the day of the actual walk, we were too far away to watch it in person.  Like much of America, we watched on TV from our hotel room.  Well, some of us watched.  My parents and the kids stayed at the pool.  My sister paced outside, seemingly more fearful that Mr. Skywire's family.


  1. I've always wanted to go to Utah! So pretty!

  2. More beautiful pictures! I watched the skywire walk, but like your sister I had to keep leaving the room because it freaked me out!

  3. Beautiful pictures! It's probably best that you weren't so close to see it ~ your sister probably couldn't have handled it! ;)

  4. You'll have to try to come back at some point and run the Bryce Canyon 1/2 marathon. It starts in Bryce and is mostly downhill. If you have some more time, a great hike just outside of Bryce is called Calf Creek Falls. Our family just did it and were amazed at the beautiful waterfall in the middle of the desert. Here's a link just in case you ever want to check it out.

  5. Nice shots. It’s hard to capture Bryce Canyon because of the expanse–and all the orange rock. Did a month or so in southern Utah last spring, and as you know, the five national parks spread across the state are incredible. Each so different and each spectacular.

    Aerial Photos of Bryce Canyon