Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Toot Toot!

Every Tuesday, the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans encourages readers to toot their own horn.  Most of my life, I've had a problem with self confidence.  As I've matured, I've still found it difficult to find the line between modesty and putting myself down as well as encouraging myself versus being boastful.

I'm proud of my accomplishment this past Sunday.  I've put in a lot of hard work (both physically and mentally) to race a difficult half marathon over 44 minutes faster than my first half back in 2009.   Proud to once again update my personal records page.

BUT in the back of my head, I'm still tacking qualifiers at the end of my accomplishments.  It was a fast pace for me

A friend emailed this to me earlier this afternoon.  My time helped my team's 4th place finish in the female division.  4th, out of 27 teams.  Pretty neat huh?

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  1. That is so awesome, Brooke! I hope one day I can be as fast as you!! :)