Monday, April 29, 2013

Five Things

Piggy backing off a post Jaime did last week, I give you the 5 things blog.'ll find in my bag:
1. 1,000 gifts thankful journal
2. hand sanitizer
3. ibuprofen (a runner's best friend)
4. sunglasses
5. the newest book i've received to review'll find in my bedroom:
1. my plush football (I snuggle when I sleep)
2. slippers - even in the spring my toesies get cold
3. tiny Care Bear given to me by my niece
4. empty can of Natty Ice (belonging to the Mr. of the house)
5. race bibs (in the sock drawer, waiting to be made into a scrapbook)

...I'm currently loving.
1. the rap/country hybrid trend
2. words with friends (hello 2010)
3. registering for new races
4. the new cabin as a retreat
5. my new race medal display

...quirks I have.
1. i set my alarm clock on a reflexive number (like 6:26)
2. needing the "off" position of a light switch to be down
(this is a problem given the multiple switches per each light at the cabin)
3. ending my runs on a standard unit of measure
4. jay and i counting in spanish as we lock the exterior doors
5. using excel spreadsheets to plan vacations down to the half hour
i was so detailed with my NYC planning, Jay wasn't sure how he would work in a marriage proposal!'d know if we had met in real life.
1. i love my niece and nephew to pieces
2. i have selective OCD
3. i'm (selectively) a procrastinator
4. i rarely give myself the credit i deserve
5. i'm not a huge animal fan


  1. Natty ice......the beer of Southerners! Yes!

    I procrastinate so badly too!

    1. my cousin calls it "the beer of homeless men everywhere"

  2. This was fun! :) A couple of your quirks are the same as mine (2 & 5), as are your real life things (except for the animal one). We're meant to be friends! :)