Monday, January 28, 2013

Menu Plan Monday - Back on the Wagon

You'd think it would be old hat, how to find my footing to climb back on the menu planning wagon, given how many times I've fallen off.  Yet here I sit.

This past week I've had much to be thankful for, even still I had a stressful, unpredictable week.  The result was a week of eating like crap.  3,000+ calories some days!  I even "carb loaded" for my 14 mile long run with Wendy's: son of a baconator, fries, dr. pepper, and a frosty.  Needless to say, it was an ugly run.

All of that changes today.  Or rather Saturday.  I was careful with my food choices that evening, saving 800+ calories that I didn't eat back from my run.  Good thing, because I went to a birthday party yesterday and ate back 600 of them. 

Starting today, all my meals (including snacks) will be pre-planned.  The grocery list is made and the oreos are in safe keeping.  Here goes!!

Monday: Oatmeal, biscuit/Greek yogurt/Protein shake/PB&J, chips/broccoli Alfredo
Tuesday: Cereal/fruit & almonds/meatloaf, veggies, potato casserole/protein shake/chicken tacos
Wednesday: Egg biscuit/Greek yogurt/chocolate milk/meatloaf, veggies, potato casserole/Jay's choice
Thursday: Oatmeal, fruit/Greek yogurt/veggisaurus chili/protein shake/Stroganoff, green beans
Friday: Egg biscuit/fruit almonds/Out-to-lunch (w/mom)/Herb roasted chicken & rice, mixed veggies
Saturday: Lara bar/sports beans/chocolate milk, fruit, bagel/????????????????????????

We're planning a 12-14 mile run on Saturday, so I'm leaving the afternoon/evening open to see where my hunger and social calendar take me.


  1. Looks like a good plan to me. Maybe add a little more protein in at breakfast. I've been trying to eat more eggs even though I don't really like them much. Helps with the hungries though & they're a good source of low-cal protein.

  2. Nice plan. I hate to menu plan, but it is a major lifesaver bc it keeps me from eating out.

  3. Herb roasted chicken sounds so good right now (I can tell it's lunch time. And I'm hungryyyy!)

    I have to meal plan. Otherwise, we eat junk, and that makes everyone angry. It also saves me so much more time when everything is purchased on one day (I know so many people who visit the grocery store every other day. I can't live like that.)

    Glad you're back on the menu planning wagon! :)

  4. Dinner goes MUCH better when I meal plan, though I sometimes changes things last minute. It'd probably be best if I planned lunch, too, but I haven't done that yet. Baby steps, right?