Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Who Doesn't Have Fun with Books?

I missed last week's What I'm Reading Wednesday (hosted by Lindsay).  As an update, I've finished off all 4 of my books in the "currently reading" and then some.  Bringing me to 12 complete out of my goal of 75 for the year. 

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Lord, I Need Grace to Make It
Jan 27, 2013
Letters To A Young Evangelical

Jan 26, 2013
Good Christian Bitches
Jan 17, 2013

All books about Christianity...kinda.  Kay Arthur's book is my morning devotional.  Tony Campolo is a revolutionary Christian author I've read since I was a teenager - he really challenges (in a good way) what I believe and why.  And of course GCB is my guilty pleasure "fluff" reading.  I'm not very far through any of the above, so its too soon to tell if I'd recommend any of them.

Simple Life of a Housewife

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  1. I've always liked Tony Compolo since I heard the talk he gave about "It's Friday, but Sundays coming!"