Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weekend Update

I feel like I'm just now catching up from the weekend!  Unfortunately it was a regular ole 2-day weekend, but I slogged through yesterday by the skin of my teeth.  Jay & I drove 6 hours to West Virginia Friday after work to meet up with his parents.  Saturday, the 4 of us drove another 1+ hour to southern Ohio to watch the Ohio Bobcats take on the Akron Zips*.

Jay's parents had purchased the tickets (and bought our dinner/drinks that evening) for Jay's birthday coming up next week.  He's an OU alum and a big fan of all things Bobcat.  After Saturday's game, the team is 7-0 and finally broke into the top 25. 

I blame this trip for my lack of purging over the weekend.  Although I will give props to his parents for thinking outside the box.  I love consumables as a gift.  We all have too much stuff laying around.  Better to give a gift which can be enjoyed together.  Long after a DVD becomes old, a CD gets scratched, a book is lost, or a pair of jeans becomes threadbare, we'll still have great memories of this game. 

That's an Citizens Bank first down!  RAWR

*Yes, that is the most ridiculous mascot ever.  Giving us OU fans easy ammo for the game time smack talk. 


  1. I totally agree with you, I love gifts that are experiences too.

  2. Glad you had a great weekend!

    Having attended a MAC school, I agree that the Zips is the dumbest mascot EVER.

  3. Nice picture of you two. Sounds like a great gift!

  4. cute pic :-)
    a friend and I went to a Vandy game a few weeks ago against Presbyterian. They are called the Blue Hose. Which of course made us giggle like we were twelve the entire game.

    Perhaps the Zips and the Hose would be a fun game to watch...

  5. I love the "non-gift" gifts, too. Great pic!