Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Days of Purging - Gettings Started Take 2

Continuing from Yesterday’s list of Marla’s “how to get started” ideas:

6. Open your medicine cabinet or a bathroom drawer or peek under the sink.

No.  You can’t make me! Translation: This desperately needs to happen. 

We have 2 cabinets (in the upstairs bath) and a closet (in the downstairs bath).  Last night I tackled Jay’s sink, which was kind of a cop-out, he uses the sink downstairs and we haven’t really filled it with junk yet.  It’s the other 2 I’m worried about.

7. Tell your children you’ll pay them 25 cents (or 50 cents/1 dollar/20 dollars) for each stuffed animal they’re willing to get rid of.

I have no children, so that was easy!

One thing I have started doing is trying to put race t-shirts to good use.  Unless it’s a tech shirt that I’ll enjoy training in, I ask for a size large men’s shirt.  After the race, Jay gets a choice – he can keep the shirt or I donate it to the homeless ministry in town.  If he keeps the shirt, he has to give me 2 of his old shirts to donate. 

I believe I also need to institute the 1 in 2 out rule for books of mine.  And possibly clothing.  Its sooooooo hard!

8. Go through your desk and throw out 25 things.

I don’t have a desk.  Jay has one, but its full of his crap.  I keep all of our bill stuff in a portable filing case.  Pens, paper, and the like are in a medium sized basket on the kitchen island. 

Suggestions for replacing this one with something I can do?

9. Skim through the clothes in your closet.

Every season I decide to turn around the hanger to see what I wear.  Every season I come up with an excuse as to why I can’t get rid of things.  I desperately need to get better at this – I have far too many clothes. 

10. Look around your house at all the knickknacks on various surfaces.

As previously discussed, I don’t like knickknacks.  Can I replace this with giving my entire house a good thorough dusting?  That’s not the same as purging is it.  Let’s face it, I’ll probably get stuck in the bathroom closet/sink cabinets and never make it to this one any way.

How do you put a limit on the amount of clothing you purchase?  Is it based off your closet size, what you have the funds for, or something else?

Purge totals:

3 Dress Pants

1 Pair of Shorts

1 top

Expired medication (more to come, but will only count toward the purge total once)


  1. Instead of your desk, how about a kitchen junk drawer? Or tackle one of the other bathroom cabinets?

    I hate shopping, so that really helps limit my clothing, LOL! I typicaly only go shopping when I find that I need something. One of my long sleeve shirts got a stain on it? Time for 1 new long sleeve shirt!

  2. I was thinking about the junk drawer as well. I think the 1 in 2 out rule is a good one. I should probably apply it to myself. Ugh! I definitely have more clothes than I need.

  3. Sounds to me like you are doing pretty good already! I'll work on my junk drawer tomorrow.

  4. I really like your race shirt rule! I need to start implementing that!