Wednesday, February 5, 2014

On Blogging

I love writing. I love the creative outlet writing provides. I love communicating my feelings (and getting feedback on those feelings.) I've been a blogger longer than I've been married.

These days, however, it seems like such a chore. Last month I produced 10 posts. There was a time I churned out 5 a week like nobody's business. I'm just not sure what the problem is, much less what to do about it.

Have I run out of things to talk about? {Surely not.}
Am I interacting more on Twitter and Facebook, thereby cutting down my time to blog?
Have I gotten lazy?
Am I letting fear keep me from sharing the deep, honest posts I have on my heart?

I'd love any suggestions on how to turn this thing around. Perhaps I'm just out of the habit and committing to 3 posts a week no matter what would bring back the love. Maybe my life just isn't as exciting as it use to be (with all the wedding planning, new life, new running experiences and what-not behind me).

My homework

Find a new template to make things pretty around here.
Commit to blogging for February, then reevaluate at the end of the month.

Your homework

What are your favorite type posts?
Hit me up with some questions to answer.


  1. I'd like to see a post on your 5 year anniversary. I bet it'd be pretty cool! :-)

  2. Are you doing any challenges currently? Fitness or otherwise? Post about those. The posts you don't have the nerve to publish yet, start them, keep them in draft and when you get the nerve, hit publish. I have a few that are just waiting. :)

    What is your favorite distance race? I'm a fan of half marathons, I think. I hate the marathon now. But 5ks are so short. I'm signed up for several 10ks, which is kind of weird for me.

    Tell me more about the races you have already committed to. Basically, blog about your race calendar.

    ....I would ask you to share recipes, but have you tried any new recipes lately? ;)

  3. I'm still putting out posts but I've been struggling too. I feel like I don't have much exciting to talk about and I'm stuck in a rut. But then I think that I like to read about normal life on other blogs. I like Jays idea - lets hear about your anniversary!

  4. Like Thea, I love your hiking posts especially when they are in the Smokeys. A is the becoming debt free going? I'm jealous of that.

  5. I have been so slack but want to change,....I have a thousand things to blog about
    Determined to get back to blogging I miss all my friends

  6. I love reading about everything you have been posting about :) sorry that doesn't help but its true.

    I think when I am more active on Facebook= the blog lacks, like I am all talked out even though they are both different subject matters ... make any sense what so ever??