Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Training Tuesday - What Now?

While I'm still running the Summer Solstice, I've decided not to make it my training/focus-on race.  Why, you ask?  Here is the course description:

A challenging, out-and-back, hilly, don't worry about a PR, course.

When the Knoxville Track Club calls a race hilly, you know its bad!  Also, it starts at 6PM.  Pretty much the hottest, most humid time of day summer in east Tennessee.

The latest of the summer race evolution from Brew-Ha-Ha to Midsummer Nights, we believe we've found a permanent home, to include some improvements. No more miserable sweating in July, now you can sweat "pleasantly" in June! Of course it was always a great race and some things can't be improved...there's still beer at the finish line!

 Just for fun race it is!!


I'm kinda lost lazy without a race to train for.  I've got a 10K this weekend and a half marathon in 2 weeks - far too little time to train seriously.

Beyond those races, I only have a 10K and an 8K left on my summer calendar.  The rest of the races I've picked out this year are more into the fall (15K and half marathon distances).  I'm just not sure what to train for.

Should I work toward a marker this weekend (my 10K PR is from years ago, so I shouldn't have difficulty beating it) then work on a new PR for the 10K in mid July?  Focus on the 8K scheduled 2 weeks later?

I'm also considering doing the Anchor Splash spring triathlon I've done in years past, but that's scheduled for late September.  With only a 300 yard swim, 6 mile bike, and 3 mile run - the training should be minimal for me.

I guess the question comes down to - is 8 weeks enough for serious 10K training?  10 weeks too much for 8K training?  What say ye?


  1. I think 8 weeks is plenty time to train for the 10k - you have such a great base now. Go for it!

  2. I think 8 weeks is plenty of time to train for a 10k. Just like Jaime said, your base is already there. Maybe the TLAM own it plan would be good for this.

  3. Obviously I have no wisdom for you on this, but I think it's awesome that it's no big deal to you to do 10Ks & half marathons with little official training. I can barely do a 5K with four months to prepare!