Thursday, May 9, 2013

Returning Thanks

Sometimes it feels like all I write about any  more are races, training, and thankfulness. 
 And I'm okay with that. 
 More than okay. 
 Sounds like a pretty good life to me!
This week I recorded numbers 1013 through 1071 on my list.  Here is a sampling:
1014) Safe travels to Ohio
1022) Prerace poop
1023) Early morning sunrise
1033) Good visit with Jay's parents
1038) MIL's hospitality
1039) FIL's sense of humor
1040) Pastor Dan's blog
1051) Psych on DVR
1055) Answered prayer
1057) Generosity of others
1064) Rest when I am weary
1065) Rain drops, dripping from the evergreen
just outside my front window
How has God blessed you this past week?


  1. I was blessed that my order from Athleta came really fast and I now have a new running skirt to wear on Saturday. Not sure God had anything to do with it, but I'm still happy about it.

  2. I was blessed by a flexible work schedule and an understanding boss who let me rearrange my office hours to accommodate an annoying allergy headache.

  3. I was blessed with an offer at work. It may not happen, but several situations that occurred as a result are good...First, it feels great to know that I'm appreciated and that people have confidence in me/my abilities. Second, I have been able to set boundaries (this is HUGE for me). Third, I work for a super great pastor who agrees that my babies are my priority & would not want a job to interfere with my priorities.

  4. Psych on DVR - yes!!

    Blessed immeasurably this week by the husband God gave me:) always blessed, just realizing it this week a little more than usual.