Thursday, May 23, 2013

Confessions of a Thankful Slacker

In the process of moving, I realized there would be a few things left behind. 
 I made sure I had toiletries at each place, same with Bibles,
carried my phone charger in my purse, but somehow overlooked one major thing.

This weekend we undertook the big move. 
 We hired a couple guys to help Jay with the heavy lifting,
 borrowed a truck and trailer, and jumped in with both feet. 
I'm thankful to say it was far less painful that I expected.

One casualty?  My thankful list. 

I left my notebook at the farm house and didn't retrieve it for a couple days. 
 Turns out, unless I'm toting the binder around, I don't stop to be thankful.
 I only made a couple of notes using the app on my phone. 
 I'm glad to say its back in my possession.

And now for the recap #1072-1150:
1074) letter from Suman (my Compassion kid)
1078) niece & nephew who love me
1084) niece's teacher who attended the Princess's first communion
1096) promise of His provision
1100) Seeing Jesus work via jay
1111) clarity regarding confrontation
1125) peaches & cottage cheese
1134) ability to laugh @ a creepy situation
1140) jay packing the house
 For what have you been thankful this past week?


  1. Can't wait to see that new house!

  2. I don't think you're a slacker. Anyone who's up to 1140 can't be called one!

  3. I'm thankful that my friend moved back (& lives down the street!), that I had a great "date" with my sweet son & a fun shopping trip with my baby girl!

  4. In the process of moving, I realized there slackline would be a few things left behind.