Friday, April 11, 2014

Frugal Date Night - Outdoor Movie

As a couple without kids, Jay and I are as purposeful as we should probably be about designating date nights. Sure we spend plenty of evenings just the 2 of us, but just like any couple, we get into a routine that quickly turns into a rut. When I saw a billboard for a free outdoor movie, I knew I'd discovered the perfect date night!

I'm not sure where/why/how, but I thought the movie started at 6pm. Jay (and a coworker) questioned how an outdoor movie could be viewed before dusk but we headed out to Burger King for a quick bite. I get off work at 5, so by the time I got home to pick up my man we didn't have time for slow food.

As Bjay headed to BK, I noticed the billboard again. 

American Graffiti - 8PM - The Island

Not 6. 

We had hurried for nothing. Instead we had plenty of time for goofing around. Phones weren't allowed on the date save for social media picture posting. Given the amount of likes the above picture received, I don't think anyone understood the "date night fit for a King" caption.

The Island will be showing movies every Thursday through May 15th. (Presumably stopping then since the dark doesn't come in the summer until far too late to start a movie.) Since this was our first experience, we took a blanket just in case we had to sit on the ground.

Instead, straight back chairs (with cushion) and inflatable rafts were provided. Next time, I hope to get a bigger raft so we can snuggle, but the individual sizes were comfy for kicking back and enjoying the show.

A vendor was set up selling dinner items as well as movie snacks. Although I didn't notice a sign discouraging people from bringing in their own food.

I'd never seen the movie before, but the plot wasn't so complicated the distractions kept me from enjoying it. That is until a kid stacked rafts up 5 high directly in front of me - nothing a little scootch to the left didn't cure.

We ended up spending $7 in snacks (jumbo hot dog, chips and a drink), but had I a little more self control the outing would have been totally free.

I'm an early-to-bed kinda girl, so the 10:30 movie end time was a bit late for my taste. I'm yawning up a storm this afternoon as I write this. But we had a great time, it was well worth it! 

Do you "date night?" Do you have a budget or do whatever your heart desires? I'd love to steal read some of your ideas!


  1. Can't believe after all this time I've followed you on Twitter/Instagram I'm just now figuring out you have a blog! I've got some catching up to do! I had no idea they did the movie night at the Island. Although it is quite a drive from Roane County that seems like such an awesome date night! Looks like you all had a great time.

    Brittney (a.k.a. MrsLawson24)

  2. That sounds like a fun time! Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. What a fun date night! We had a date night tonight, but we had Alaina with us. We went to Olive Garden for supper and then wandered through Costco. Not very out of the box, but we had fun.

  4. That sounds like so much fun!! we go on 'dates' so rarely that we tend to not budget for them. dinner out then MMA fights, dinner & a movie, Wow, I can't remember anything else LOL

  5. We don't go out as often as we should. When we do, it's usually just coffee. We also do dinner with gift cards, when possible. We're pretty boring!