Wednesday, March 26, 2014

To blog or not to blog

No this isn't one of those "I'm not sure I should keep blogging" posts. But rather a post of indecision about a blog topic.

My 3rd marathon is coming up on Sunday. I have a game plan. I have goals. I have a strategy.


I'm torn about whether or not to share them with them world.

Should I blog to put them out there? So my readers will know what I was hoping for when they read my race report?

Or should I keep them to myself. Only share them if I hit the goals?

Cause taper madness is all about finding trivial crap to stress about. This is just as good as anything.

What say ye??


  1. I think that has to be totally your call. We're here if you want to put it out there, but completely understand if you want to keep it under wraps. xo

  2. I always like to read other people's goals but at the same time it is sometimes private so I look forward to whatever you decide :)

  3. I would say since you are hesitant, wait until after & re-evaluate how you feel about said goals.

  4. I agree with Nancy. This has to be your call. Don't feel pressured to put goals out there because "that's what I always do". I put that huge, scary-for-me marathon goal out there on Declare It Day and at this point, I haven't even registered for my marathon. I'm wishing now I'd never put it out there. As for your goals, you can certainly address how well you crushed them when you right your recap post on Monday.

  5. Go ahead and share them! =) I've shared my goals and then haven't met them. It's okay. We are a supportful group. If you don't make them, we'll help you make future ones.