Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Treadmill Turkey Trot 8K - Recap

My darling love and I alternate holidays spent with the families. Last year we spent Thanksgiving with my family and Christmas with his. This year we are doing the opposite. Holidays with his family are spent in West Virginia (along the Ohio River) in a tiny town. The closest Turkey Trot race was over an hour away, so I committed with Bari & Jaime to do the mileage as a virtual run.

A snow storm altered our route and changed up our travel plans.  The weather report promised temperatures in the teens, something my lungs just weren't ready for. In years past, I've ran on an old school treadmill in the unfinished basement of Jay's grandfather's house. I emailed Jay's dad to make sure it was still available to use and to see if I need to bring any power cords.

Thursday morning FIL assured me he had everything set up for me. 5 miles was the plan, so unlike previous years, I didn't need a computer set up to play a DVD for me to watch. "Give us a holler if you need a change of scenery" he yelled as I headed into the garage and down to the basement. Little did I know, he'd prepared for me to have a little competition on my run.

While getting the cords plugged in, he found this bust. I'm really not sure who it is, or what he did to deserve being memorialized. Nor do I know why he currently finds his home in PawPaw's basement. At first it was funny. Especially with the West Virginia hat. Then it was just creepy.

Dude stared at me the whole time. Never blinked. Never looked away.

CREEPY.  They say no matter what your speed, you still lap everyone on the couch. While that may be true, I was never able to pass the dude on the water heater.

Try as I might, I wasn't able to pass him.  Tough blow losing first place when you very carefully didn't invite anyone to the race but yourself.

I guess I should be happy with my 2nd place rib. After all, there is always next time!
Distance: 5 miles
Time: 44:06


  1. What a bummer to get second place! :) You are too funny!

  2. I'm not 100% certain, but pretty sure this is the dude you were staring at while running (which makes it even more creepy!): (This is the guy who people say put a curse on Mason County and caused the bridge to collapse, Mothman, etc.)

  3. This is pretty much the best race recap I've read in a while. :)

  4. That's fantastic! way to keep your humor about it & YAY FIL for being such a funny!!