Friday, November 16, 2012

Monthly Thanks

For the month of November (hello Thanksgiving - are you next week already??) I've been posting my daily thanks on Facebook.  For today's Thankful Thursday Friday post, I wanted to share what I've been thankful for so far this year.

  1. Boots! I got my free pair of boots in the mail thanks to Jay helping me with some Ohio Bobcat trivia. (See picture with #4)
  2. My dad (who officiated his 2nd "last" game high school football last night as head referee)

  3. My beautiful home. I love this place, even if we will be moving to a different beautiful home next year.
  4. My sister, for all the awesome clothes she's ever given me. Both as gifts and hand-me-downs, I never fail to get compliments when I'm sporting fashion by Kelly"

  5. The opportunity to talk to my Savior any hour of the day. If I'm gonna have insomnia, might as well be productive right?
  6. Food to eat. Whether it be a drive thru breakfast surprised from my Mama & Daddy, lunch leftovers, or my sister's chicken pie recipe for dinner.
  7. Warm clothing and shelter from the elements
  8. My darling love and husband of 4 years Jay on our anniversary! I very much enjoyed watching his negotiating skills, while trying to get us the best rate possible at the fancy B&B at which I wanted to stay. ♥

  9. Making new friends and finding out about interesting places thanks to my ability to "Delmar" people.
  10. My hubby and I know how to have a good time - Jay is so scruffy/cute he just got asked if he was tonight's musical entertainment. That's right - I'm with the band!
  11. Military veterans
  12. A fun, relaxing, indulgent, enjoyable vacation. and my darling love being by my side every step of the way
  13. Free stuff in the mail - a book I won on Marla's blog and a Zatarain's perk from Klout.

  14. Knoxville Track Club Socialites - group runs and team racing


  1. All awesome things to be thankful for!!

  2. Great list...and you look really cute in that picture!

  3. Yes lots to be thankful for! And you look super cute in that pic!