Tuesday, November 20, 2012

{hot} Wheelin' and Dealin'

Its been a while since I've done a "deal" post, only because its been a while since I've done a good couponing deal.  Life has gotten busy and hectic and I just haven't found the time for hard core couponing.  I'll clip a Pillsbury crescent roll coupon here and there, but nothing like I use to.

I was shocked to see how many good deals CVS has this week.  I chalked it up to their black Friday sale, until I noticed the ad said the deals were only good through Wednesday.  Presumably they'll have even more deals for the end of the week.

Here's the breakdown - I spent $29.02 out of pocket.  I did 3 separate trips into the store so I could use as many of the Extra Bucks as possible, so they wouldn't run out and I could spend the least out of pocket as possible.  I even took advantage of some non-ECB special prices, which is why my total is a bit more.

Because we don't have a state income tax in Tennessee (nana-nana-boo-boo), we do have a high sales tax.  $4.08 of the above mentioned total was tax.  The rest of the breakdown is as follows: $49.92 in total goods, $22.98 in extra care bucks.  $2 extra care bucks not spend to be carried over for next week's shopping. 

My haul?  Deoderant, hair gel, 32 oz PowerAde, panty liners, eye/lip color palate, Charmin, 3-12 packs of Pepsi, Listerine pocket pack strips, Chex Mix, Starbucks canned drink, Almay eye make-up remover pads, a hot wheels car  AND {4-2 liter drinks, 1.25 liter Coke Zero, 2-32oz citrus teas - my Thanksgiving dinner contribution}

Not my best deal every, but certainly a good one.  A couple of those items will be Christmas gifts, $10 on Thanksgiving dinner, $10 on canned drinks for the house, and I have $10 in quite a few personal hygeine goodies.

Have you gotten any good deals lately?  Do you have a black Friday trip planned?


  1. You did great! I've been slacking on my couponing too, and need a trip like this to get me going again.
    I don't know about Friday - waiting to see if there are any amazing deals. :)

  2. Great deals!! I scored some brand new dress slacks for $8 today! Other Han that, I haven't been too good at couponing either.

    1. Obviously I'm using my phone...as I pressed publish I realized it had changed "than" to "Han". No, I wasn't talking about my German friend or anything!