Thursday, September 6, 2012

Daily Thanks - Digging Deep

I've been stressed out this week, so I needed the chance to dig deep and remind myself of all I have to be thankful for in my life.
Friday - Daily Bread
I've been stressed about money recently, especially given how we've not done a great job at staying within budget.  Learning to trust in God's provision is a hard one for me and I am thankful for my daily, weekly, and monthly bread.
Saturday - 9 easy miles
My friend Kelly & I are training for the Haunted Half Marathon next month and Saturday morning was our long run.  I love that I ran 9 miles without issue and no muscle soreness the next day.  I've worked long and hard to make running that far "easy."
Sunday - Cades Cove
Jay, my parents, and I headed to Cades Cove and got caught into a thunderstorm.  The storm caused a tree to fall on a car creating the damage in the picture below.  (Not our car.  None of our vehicles are that nice.)  We were all thankful no one was hurt.  Afterward we spotted a bear in a tree!  I'd hoped to devote a whole blog to it, but you know how those things go.
Great race and I'm pleased with my 2nd place medal!  I have never raced this distance before, so I was unsure about pacing.  This is definitely one I hope to do every year.
Tuesday - Shopaholic & Sister
I'm a book nerd, so it didn't bother me a bit to go to bed early and ready Tuesday night when Jay decided to watch the Convention on TV.  The love of reading is a gift I am very much thankful for.
Wednesday - KTC Socialites
This is a thankful point I'm sure I will overuse, but I very much enjoy having a great group of people to share runners' 2 favorite  hobbies - running & talking about running.  (I'm sure Jay is thankful for them as well :P)
Thursday - Time off
I've very thankful my job provides me with paid leave - both sick and vacation.  Its nice to know my paycheck won't take a hit if I have to go to the doctor or want to leave work early.

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  1. Wow Brooke, you just kicked mein the face with your Thursday thankful. I never think about that. I just expect it. I just assume thati should be given this. Wow wow wow. But also, thanks for opening my eyes.

    On a different note, every week, P reads your confessions, and he says all the time...."of all your blogsy friends, I most want to meet, it's Brooke.