Friday, July 27, 2012

Foto Friday - Love Notes

On my way out the door this morning, I grabbed the inventory lists off the freezer door.  The current list needs updating and the old list I wanted to scan/save forever. 

Each month, Jay and I budget $125 each for "personal spending" to be used however we desire.  For me, this includes race registrations and eating out with the girls.  Jay most often uses his money for tobacco.   Beyond the occasional 12 pack of beer, he doesn't spend his money on much else.  Often he goes under budget, not even bothering to "bank" it for the next month.  That's just money not spent for the month and put back into the general kitty.

This strategy does, however, create some angst in him because I do spend my money - all of it - each month.  Sometimes I go over, but if that's the case I spend less the next month.  Rarely do I ever return money to the general fun. 

One girls night out, I came home to find this note on my freezer inventory, next to the "pizza" column.

In case you have trouble reading the picture, here is the text:

I ate another one on 3/9.  This sucks marking this sh*t off.  Just count the fricking things yourself if you want to.  I'm in a shi*tty mood because you went out to eat a fancy dinner & I am stick eating this pizza that tastes like a combination of sh*t and cardboard.

In my defense, "fancy" was a local (very casual) Italian place where I ate for under $10.  In his defense, I got the "sh*t & cardboard" pizza on sale for $0.75 at Food Lion's going out of business sale.

I'm joining Christie for some foto Friday fun.  Check out her blog today if you need a good laugh or want to share your own!


  1. Poor Jay! He should have ordered pizza out, with some of his extra budget!

  2. LOL!! Poor Jay! He wanted something yummy too! Kyle hates cheap pizza. He won't even eat it. Kudos to Jay for trying it. Kyle would have dipped in the kitty to go out to eat, lol.

    1. jay's the opposite - would rather save a nickel and eat bad food.

  3. Your link for Christy looks much better than mine! Oh man, do I miss Food Lion! They got me through college with their awesome sales!

  4. Though I tend to be the spender, Chris is the one that eats out more. I think he got tired of me complaining about him blowing the budget on lunch out, because he's been taking tuna & leftovers lately. All of that is to say that I'M the one who'd write the note about having to eat crappy food while he eats somewhere fancy!

  5. omgosh, that's hilarious! Anthony is the same way with cheap pizza. which i guess is a good thing? ha.