Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Catching Up

Over the past month, I've been a very active participant in life.  While it has taken me away from the blog, it has given me plenty of fodder for future posts...whenever life finally does quiet down.

With my Papaw, sister, and mom, I walked the On Cosby Moonshine 3.2 miler.

The following week Jay and I joined the rest of Team Zach
for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society Light the Night walk.
The next day...
I jumped in the Van on the Run to experience the Ragnar Relay.
He put off the surgery to be our driver, but 3 days after returning home from Nashville my dad had his total knee replacement surgery (if you're counting - that's 2 new knees for 2013).
Surgery went well and he's doing great.  My mom and I stumbled upon this sign at the hospital when we went for a walk to get some fresh air.  Certainly not the entrance (or exit) you wanna find!
I tried some new things.
Expressed much thanks.
Imbibed a bit too much during the Halloween pub run.
Celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary...
...entertained Jay's parents for an extended weekend...
...and met a Moonshiner
(turns out he's the one on the show that's never made a successful batch)
all in the same night.
The day after the in-laws went home, I celebrated the Veterans of this great country by hiking to one of the most scenic spots in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Then the next day, months of planning and prep work culminated in a 12 hour workday that ended with a bang.  Come for a visit and you'll be treated with Christmas lights in November.
Which brings us to today.  I'm going home, putting on jammies, and hibernating for the winter. 
Right after I do my first trail run, my next half marathon, and a Santa 5K. 
All before this time next month.
And I wouldn't have it any other way.



  1. Busy, busy! And it sounds so fun. :) I hope you have time soon to blog all about your adventures - especially the relay!!

  2. Why hello there busy bee. You've been having a good time I see! Happy anniversary!

  3. Wow - you really have been busy! Glad you've had fun and glad your Dad's surgery is done. Happy anniversary!

  4. How was Ragnar? My friend did it last year and it sounded like so much fun!

  5. GOOD GRAVY! that's a list!!! so many posts in one. I want details of: Ragnar, light the night, the anniversary box, & Brazin :) So glad you are having a great time this fall!!

  6. I want more info on the anniversary box, too! =)