Friday, September 20, 2013

Another Birthday Foto Friday!

My Mamaw got on to me last week.  I told my mother's age her birthday post (and also my grandmother's age for those who are good with math word problems.)  Today is my Papaw's birthday (my mom's dad) and I somehow doubt he'll mind me telling you its his 81st!

taken at his 80th party
Home is the farm where he was raised. 
The land he tended the evening of his wedding.  We've since dubbed this "Honeymoon Lane" because he and my Mamaw spent their first hours as a married couple milking cows.
Family gatherings are frequently. 
Father of 3.
Grandfather of 7.
Great-Grandfather of 4.
Yet still spry enough to help out with this years {cold} Easter egg hunt.
Two years ago, he and I both took 2nd place in our age group at a local 5K.
And last year we avoided the Black Friday crowds, opting for a hike in the National Park instead.
My Mamaw credits a house full of girls for the patience and kindness in his soul.
Strong.  Reliable.  Godly.  Everything a girl could ask for in a grandfather.
rockin' his Christmas gag gift
Happy Birthday Papaw!! I love you.


  1. Happy birthday to him! He sounds like an amazing guy!

  2. What a special man!!! So glad he is still around for you!!! What a blessing.

  3. Happy belated birthday! I love this post. :-)